Llama Story

baby llama

In the beginning, God created all the world and all the animals. There were big animals and there were small animals, colorful animals and scary animals. All kinds of different creatures. But, God knew that He had to create just one more...but He was so tired He just couldn't think of what to make.

As He sat in the forest alone, thinking, a Jack Rabbit hopped up to him. "God" he said, " I think that I have the nicest ears. Why don't you make something with my ears?" And God said, "Mmmmm... you do, I'll think about it". Then a little fawn tiptoed up and said, " I have such beautiful eyes, can you make something with my eyes?" God nodded yes. A couple of sheep that were grazing nearby came up and asked, "We're so very hot in the sun, can you take some of our fluffy fur and make an animal with it?" And God thought this was a very good Idea, too. 

Then a big tall Camel strolled over and asked God to make something with his unique nose, mouth and feet. " But, leave off the hump, only I get to have a hump!" God laughed, and said, "just for that, I'll give you two!" That's why some Camels have one hump and some have two! And last but not least, a giraffe came over to join the group. "If you make something with a long neck, don't make it as long as mine. It's too hard to bend down and drink!"

So after a nice long rest, God went up into the the cool high mountains of Peru, Chili and Bolivia and created 2 beautiful llamas. They trekked down the mountain and God presented them to all the others who cheered in happiness! The llamas had little pieces of all the other animals put together! He named them "Dali and Romeo", and they went on to create all the other little llamas of the world. 

Story by Sandy Sgrillo (founder of SMLT)

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